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Ayman Iland Real estate

“I was able to access my money in less than six days of time.The process is very easy and quick. It helped me grow my business faster. Highly recomended”


“Orpheuss helped my business to get funding at right time which allowed to finish a huge order and helped us to hire 2 more people as well”

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Maximize cash flow control and achieve more with one platform.
Supplier communication to eligibility assessment in under 24 hours
Single platform for trade finance communication and applications

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4 Steps


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Orpheus allows small businesses to get paid early from the company they work with. C2F0 allows businesses to get money before the due date.You do not need to apply to a third party and wait for months to get funding. Orpheuss under 2 days allows you to get your money. You pick the discount and negotiate with the provider with a few clicks. Orpheus doesn't provide money from his side. We make it easy for you to access and use.
An early payment discount is offered by the supplier to the customer. Customers ask for a discount for every early payment, usually 2/3 percent. Most of the time It takes a lot of time to execute it. Discounting doesn't help both sides as it is very standard. It is not based on supply and demand, and at that time, there is a need.
No other working capital option offers the flexibility and control of Orpheus.

Benefits for you
- You choose which invoice you want to discount.
- You can choose when you want.
- It takes 5–6 clicks to know about it.
- You can access it without paperwork and online.
Orphuess businesses from everywhere who want to access money faster in business. From seasonal business to a bigger company We will add more solutions that will help you get funding soon.
You do not need to pay to use Orpheus. We take a small percentage of the discount you get once you get it.
No, there is no change to your invoicing process, and you can continue to invoice your buyer as you do today.
With invoice payment acceleration, C2FO facilitates only price discovery. No payment account information is stored, so there is no risk. You will continue to be paid directly by your customers.

You will be paid sooner than before on your demand.

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